According to Bill Gates “success is an abysmal teacher. It seduces smart people into judgment they can’t lose.” Furthermore, the success actually could be a bad teacher if done through bad habits. Therefore, accept failure because it is a part of life. W. E. Hick states “try; try again if at first, you don’t succeed.” failure can happen no matter how much exertions you put to your work, a successful person always understands the reality of failure and the task act in their life. In addition to this, failure has value because through failure you get the chance to know yourself better and give you chance to learn from your mistakes.

Every person does mistake but learning from those mistakes is the first step towards the success. Heath says “One of the prime secrets to success is working inside your potency sector but outside of your comfort region.” The student should be powerful while facing any problem in their academic career. Moreover, they can take assistance from our Custom Writing Services in order to take direction and achieve their academic goals in a more appropriate manner.

Below we discuss some important points through which one should learn from their mistakes:

Failure Enforce Us to Facade Our Trepidation

Fear of failure loses our potential and we all have that critical moment in our life when something went wrong; the fear of taking some action is not a good sign. It is important to encourage yourself and to be more focus on what you want to achieve.


Distraction is the main factor of failure that’s why to keep patience in your life as it is very important to accomplish long term goals. However, it is quite common when a person fails to accomplish their goals and a target then it is quite painful for them but doesn`t give up!!Keep on doing until you get success.


The most important lesson you gained from failure is an experience. It completely changes our frame of mind through the induction of pain. It shows us the real world and allows us to motivate and improve our selves in order to lead successful lives.


To achieve great success, you should show flexibility in your attitude. The more you fail the more resilience will be there in you, it helps us in many ways of life and it is true that the real success will take a massive amount of exertion and work.