Social Networking Sites Kill Students Education!!!

It is important from the student’s prospect that they should concentrate on their studies and avoid every single activity that disrupts their academic performance because it would ultimately create problems for them to handle complex professional life. People around the globe looking for excellence that makes it tough for the students to get their desired job and it enforces them to put their 100% in order to complete their education successfully with good grades and marks.

“Excess of everything is bad”

Students, who endeavor to multi-task, checking networking sites particularly at the time of studying, depict reduced academic enactment. However, their overall ability to focus on the task at hand is ominously minimised by the disruptions that are brought about by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. Due to the extensive use of social networking sites, it reduces student’s capability to properly write without depending on computers spell check software’s. Fortunately, at Perfect Writers UK, you can get helpful advice from our experts regarding the use of new technologies particularly about the networking sites.

How Social Media Sites Influence Students Negatively???

There are numerous ways through which social media platforms or sites affect students learning. Some of them are listed below:

  • It minimised their research and learning skills
  • Reduced human interaction
  • Influence their communication skills
  • Influence their confidence level
  • Low grades
  • Time wastage
  • Minimise their creative writing skills
  • Reduced self-motivation
  • Effect on mental health
  • Effect creative writing skills

Social Media Sites Affect Students Health

According to research students who are using social networking sites on a consistent basis usually have more health problems like stomach pain, depression, sleeping problem, anxiety and so on. Moreover, these students also depict more of egotistic propensities besides many other emotional disorders, comprising numerous disruptive behaviors as well as destructive tendencies. Due to the continuous use of different social media platforms, most of the students take an excessive amount of tea and coffee to remain active which influence their health negatively.