The burden of mental disorders occurs due to the inadequate gratitude in the accordance with mental illness and other health problems. Moreover, this mental disarray increases the risk of a pandemic and non-pandemic disorder. However, many health problems increase the uncertainty of mental disorders. The mental and health problems could be improved if the health services provide quality of care. However mental health prevails progress towards the achievement of goals such as empowerment of women, improvement of maternal health, promotion of gender equality, and reduction of child mortality and so on.

Mental health support and increases our skills too:

  • Help to maintain physical health
  • Discover and grow towards our potential
  • Helps to make good life choice
  • Maintain healthy relationship
  • Try to handle natural ups and downs in the life

Symptoms of Mental Health Disorder

Mental disorder should be solved as soon as possible whether it is in the children or adolescent. There are a lot of signs that point towards the mental disorders.Some are as below:

    • Often worries or anxiety occurs
    • Often feel guilty
    • Unable to get over a loss or death of someone important
    • Most of the time over reacting to the thing got angry and crying a lot
    • Extremely fearful or having unexplained tears.


All facets of our life are overwhelmed by our mental health. However, the importance of mental health is discussed below:

It Reduces Mental Cost

The use of medical services declines if people receive appropriate mental health care. The people with distress and panic issues shown that after physiological treatment the number of therapeutic visits decreases by 90%, overall treatment decreases to level 35% and laboratory cost dropped by 50%.On the other hand, it is shown that people who untreated their mental health problems often visit the doctor twice as compared to the physical health problems.Excessive of stress and worries lead towards physical health disorder also like colitis, heart problem, and ulcer and also reduces the immune system.

Effects of Physiological Problems

Stress, anxiety, and depression damage the employee’s skills and abilities to work on their job effectively. Due to this mental disorder owner have to bear the loss of productivity. Proper treatment for panic disorder reduces desertion.

Confidentially Seeking Professional Help

Once you are joining to any company your organisation should have all the facts straight about your mental status. Before joining to any job you must consult your doctor first and acquire all the information about your mental health. Hence with strong mental health, you can assist your colleagues easily to improve your organisational productivity and efficiency.