Almost every student in the world is obsessed with movies and acting and has hidden actor inside. They act in front of parents just to get a favourite toy, they act in front of teachers to save their selves from punishments they could face for not completing home works and assignments and they act in their professional lives as well just to justify/clarify/convince  them in front of office colleagues or Boss, that means acting is the similar factor that every student has, In Past, schools ,colleges universities used to organise Theatre Dramas or shows to indulge every student in raising their selves with good thoughts but now a days this ritual is being neglected due to influence/trend of Electronic media, (Television/Internet) students prefer to refresh their mind by surfing the Internet or Watching Television Dramas/Movies rather than to get tired by physical activities like writing, reading, painting and sports etc. , they watch movies at home or plan together  to watch in cinemas on big screens by contribution of pocket money because this is the most similar and favourite hobby of the student life

We would like students to watch some of the good movies that will help them to open up or explore their minds and ideas which will help them develop their intellect levels, self-esteem and leadership qualities!

Watch Them:

  • Lincoln

This movie is based on the overall life and the leadership qualities of the best American President Abraham Lincoln, who served his best for The Thirteenth Amendments in US Constitution approved by US House of Representatives.

  • Unbroken

Is an American War film dramatised and produced by Angelina Jolie and written by Coen Brothers, story is based on the book: Unbroken: A_World_War_II_Story_of_Survival,_Resilience,_And Redemption

  • Pirates of Silicon Valley

This is an American movie based on the rivalry competition story to develop a personal computer between Microsoft and Apple Company, Cast of this film includes Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates.

  • The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple is a 1985 American period dramatization film coordinated by Steven Spielberg and composed by Menno Meyjes, in view of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of a similar name by Alice Walker, the film recounts the narrative of a youthful African American young lady named Celie Harris and demonstrates the social issues African American ladies confronted amid the mid-twentieth century, including domestic violence, sexual harassment, pedophilia, neediness, bigotry, and sexism. Celie is changed as she discovers her self-esteem through the assistance of another two female companions.

  • Romeo and Juliet

A tragic love story written by the famous English Poet, Playwright and Actor William Shakespeare, it`s based on two people fell in love with each other, their families have major conflicts but their romantic dead end conquered the feud and reconciliation took place!