Moreover, leadership and management are vital elements for any organisation and a company needs both “good leader and manager” in order to achieve their organisational goals and target. These days, it is impossible to run a business without an effective leadership as well as an effective management because both play very important role in bringing up the company at a higher position. Furthermore, there are certain differences in their style because leader motivates and encourages while managers are there to manage the challenges occurring in the business and solves all possible problems facing the company. In addition to this, the leaders have followers and management have subordinates so it is necessary that both leader and manager should be well trained to perform their part proficiently.

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Distinguish between Leadership and Management

There are certain differences between leadership and management which we discuss below: Leaders

Leaders have to well focus on their long term goal and their decision scan affect the business and the whole organisation in both positive and negative manner. They should be always there to motivate their employees and set their goal to achieve a higher ranking. The major aim of the leader is to lead others and make friendly work atmosphere. They must always try to set proper strategies to set inspiration for others. Furthermore, leaders incline to frame such teams that they apply their experience and abilities to achieve their target. In short, leaders are representing as a hero because of their peculiarity of nature, self-confidence, creativity, their ability, emotional control, and integrity.


Managers also play important role in any organisation. They have to very focus on their short and long term goals. With regard to everyday activities, measuring performance and supervising sub ordinate’s managers have to be involved in making right decisions on right time. Moreover, their major goal is to manage their work in a systematic manner. They have to set targets and deadlines for their subordinates and have effective control of the group in order to implant doctrine and values. Their doctrines are based on the certain discernible attitude that could be changed if the changes occur in organisational culture and business surroundings. Managers are supposed to perform their duties in a proper manner. Hence they are representing themselves as affability, extra version, and board mindedness person and should have inspiring nature for their colleagues.

Leaders are focused on:

  • Building teamwork
  • Setting an example for others
  • Gaining acceptance
  • Giving direction

Managers are focused on:

  • Controlling and coordinating
  • Organising
  • planning