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Guarantee of Services at Perfect Writers UK

Guarantee is provided to the customers to ensure that the work done here at Perfect Writers UK is of highest quality and that the work done will meet customer’s requirements and instructions. Have a look on some of the best guarantees provided by us:

Quality Guarantee

  1. The company is keen to deliver the utmost quality academic writing service to its valuable customers by providing 100% plagiarism free work by scanning every completed work through Turnitin
  2. The company checks for the quality. Once the work is completed it is sent to the proofreading department for quality assurance
  3. Each and every paper is likewise checked for the compliance. The company never delivers the completed work without ensuring 100% compliance

Perfect Writing

Perfect Writers UK offers credible academic writing that can differentiate you from others in terms of success. We always ready to meet up the expectation of our client by fulfilling the requirement that they give us. entails a team of professional writers who are ready to boost your academic career in a more effective manner.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. If the customer finds anything missing, any grammar or structure error within the paper, he/she should immediately contact us and have unlimited revisions which are free of cost. During this period if the customer misses the submission deadline, the company will not be responsible
  2. In case you are failed in the assignment delivered by us, the customer can ask for a complete refund. If asked after 10 days of our submission. The refund will not be eligible.
  3. Company will be full responsible if the paper is plagiarised. If the percentage is below 15%, the customer will not be eligible for the refund
  4. If the deadline is missed by the company, you can ask for 50% refund which will be issues within 7 business days
  5. Believe it or not, customer’s satisfaction is the utmost priority of our company.

Confidentiality Guarantee

  1. All the information of the customer is kept confidential and is never shared with anyone by any means. We never publish it anywhere
  2. Confidentiality is the most imperative factor that might raise some queries in the mind of customers regarding the security of their personal data and information that they provide us. We are trying our level best to secure all-important information to minimise the probability of misuse and threat.
  3. Due to increasing technological advancements, it is easy to get the information from any unfair means, but we are very keen to adapt all those tools that help us to tackle these problems.
  4. Each and every information of the customer is kept confidential

No Hidden Charges

  • Yes, no hidden or extra charges. Prices quoted are inclusive of all taxes including VAT.

It is a most important element that has to be considered seriously nowadays. Most of the organisations are charging hidden charges to deceive their clients, but we assure you that we are not charging a single penny by any unfair mean as all the required charges are clearly defined at the time of payment.