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Unique Assignment

Teacher wants to see your efforts and input in completing the assignment. Give a unique touch to your assignment by viewing similar thing from a different prospective. Challenge the argument made by others and prove your point with relevant evidence. This will increase your chances of getting good grades and grab reader’s attention.

Purpose and Audience

The purpose of assignment should be very clear in your mind. What you want to achieve with your assignment and what teacher wants to see in your assignment? These are important questions that you have to answer. Consider the audience and modify your assignment according to the audience. Follow the teacher guidelines for formatting the assignment.

Utilize Different Sources

Use different sources that other students are not using. It may be difficult because many sources are open to all but there are few sources that students do not consider such as newspaper, electronic media and so on. Most of the students also neglect lecture notes to complete their assignment. Your assignment will be completely different from others. Use sources to develop an idea but write in your own language.

Feedback and Editing

Request a friend or a teacher to give feedback on your assignment after you have completed it. If you can take feedback from multiple persons, it would be much better. Correct the errors in the light of the feedback. Come directly to the point and do not stretch the length of the assignment unnecessarily. Replace vague sentences with meaningful ones. Use spell checkers in word processor to avoid mistakes as much as you can.