For all those ready to write dissertations

All these tools when effectively utilised can produce a quality document or a high scoring paper. Did you know that your tutors use all these tools to assess your completed dissertation? Yes! Each and every tool listed below is used to evaluate your work done and thus, the marks are provided then. Then why don’t you use these tools to correct your mistakes? It has been observed that not all students are well aware of these and this is the reason why we have prepared very useful information about these tools which will give you an ultimate benefit in writing your dissertation.

1- Grammarly


Grammarly has been recognised as the best writing tool which helps you to review your writing mistakes you have made in your dissertation. For quick review here is an example of how it works in English UK: “Organizations today are more focussed in retaining their existing customers”. After correction “The organisations today are more focused on retaining their existing customers”. Yes! It corrects the all the minor as well as the major mistakes. Thus, download Grammarly now, the free version or the premium, both works absolutely brilliantly. Open your dissertation, run Grammarly and see, on the bottom right side of your screen you will find e.g. “29 advanced issues” Grammarly premium allows you to correct these advanced issues. These advanced issues are the passive voice sentences used in your dissertation which is not compulsory to correct since no marks are deducted in this case. Nevertheless, the critical issues presented should be corrected immediately. Here is how it looks like:

grammarly identify

grammarly highlights

On the right side of your dissertation file, critical issues will be highlighted and autocorrect suggestions will be provided by the tool. Correct with Grammarly, correct to impress your tutor today.

2- Perfect Writers UK

perfect writers

Call it a company or a tool, Perfect Writers UK is the best dissertation writing service which not only provides full dissertations but free dissertation topics as well. Explore the world’s largest database of dissertation topics and choose your own in writing your dissertation. This tool also provides custom dissertation topics on your request. Perfect Writers UK was founded by Carlos Feditery in 2007 and since then, it is serving students with the finest quality services. Here you can buy online dissertation as well as can choose this to write particular chapters such as the introduction, literature review and research methodology, results and discussion as well as conclusion.

3- Turnitin UK (Trick it today!)

turnitin menu

turnitin class


You are mostly given at least one chance to check your written work through Turnitin whether it is an essay or a dissertation. Thus, are you looking for unlimited scans of your dissertation? Here is what you need to do:

  • Google has everything. Yes, everything! Thus, it has many Turnitin accounts published. Use them to check the plagiarism for free and as many times as you want. If you want any further assistance regarding Turnitin, click
  • Try to find an instructor’s account. Guess what? You can add as many classes as you want along with numerous Plagiarism Checks ;) it hardly takes 15 minutes (depending on your searching skills). You can have an instructor account for little charges from the website listed above.
  • Turnitin will help you identify the areas of plagiarism, amend them or rewrite or paraphrase them. Check for the originality again and again till the percentage of the plagiarised material goes down to 0%!

With the help of these images below you will find out how it can be done:

Once you are done with the plagiarism check 1, go to plagiarism check 2 and check keep on checking until and unless the score goes 0%. With an instructor’s account, you will be able to add or remove the files you have uploaded. Just get instant help with the Turnitin UK.

4- Google Scholar

google scholars

Google Scholar is a database or you can say it a tool which helps you to add as many articles in your dissertation as you want. It has been observed that Google Scholar is one of the largest databases of journal articles for students across the world. When writing your dissertation, don’t forget to search the most related articles to your dissertation topic. You can add references in your literature review by searching a million articles. This is how it is:

Click “Cite” and copy the reference in the references page. In the Word doc file, you can add in text citation by clicking Insert Citation. Add all the information such as the name of the article page numbers and etc. to make it Harvard referenced.

schlar search result

This has been considered as the best way to cite your content since you can call the whole references page automatically at the end of the dissertation. All you need to do is to click “References” in the word file and then click “Bibliography”. Select the first option to call the references page automatically. Did you know your tutors don’t look how you have referenced? Whether you cite them automatically or manually they just check if you have cited it as per the requirements, thus, be clever and cite automatically.

5- SPSS Software (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)

The name itself states that this is statistics software. SPSS is mainly used by the students writing their dissertations. This helps them interpret the results of the study they are conducting. It can be said that SPSS can execute extremely multifaceted statistics management and examination with simple commands. This helps you get an appropriate interpretation of your results chapter. This video will help you understand how this software works. Have a close look:

The use of SPSS has been significantly increased since it also produces graphical representation which helps the user of the dissertation to understand easily. It has been clearly specified in the video above.

Use the above-specified tools for the success of your academic career, believe it or not, at least once; you all have to use them to observe Perfection in your dissertation!