Dissertation Topics


  1. Importance of Project Management in Organisational Success

  2. Contribution of Project Management in Large Construction Projects

  3. Impact of Project Management Activities on Organisational Performance

  4. Role of Project Management in the UK Construction Industry

  5. Impact of Project Management Activities in the Banking Industry of the UK

  6. use of project management in Marks and Spencer

  7. Role of financial statements in determining performance of an organisation

  8. The importance of financial information in the decision-making process


  1. Importance of Leadership in Influencing Positive Safety Culture in the UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
  2. Coaching Development Approach


  1. How Indian Brands Can Raise Awareness Of Their Existence In The Market??


  1. Assessment of Pain Management in Older People


  1. The Perceived Risk of Divorce on Children and Adolescents: Therapists View

Social Issues

  1. Alcohol Abuse in youth In Slough Berkshire

Information Technology

  1. Optimising the Effectiveness of Outsourcing in E-commerce Operations


  1. Feminism in postmodernity


  1. Comparison of environmental legislation in oil and gas industry of Russian Federation and The United States of America
  2. Music and Memory
  3. The Impact of Culture and Family Centric Economies on Board and Committee Composition in Qatar and Dubai – A Comparative Study
  4. How can restructuring educational opportunities within Qatari national schools, according to a Science, Technology Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) model, support student success and provide for Qatari excellence in education to achieve Qatar national vision?
  5. Why are Muslim girls disengaged with PE?
  6. How can practitioners support speech, language and communication needs in the early years
  7. New therapeutics in neuroimmune diseases
  8. Causes of Loneliness and Isolation on Wellbeing of Elderly in the Uk And What Interventions Are There To Alleviate This Phenomena 
  9. Alzheimer disease and diabetic
  10. H6N2 (influenza vireus)
  11. criminology and sociology
  12. Staff attitude towards patients with personlity disorder
  13. Promoting Physical Activities and Nutrition in Older Adults Aged 60 to 75 Years
  14. Challenges faced by families, carers or spouses of dementia patients
  15. The Prevention of Childhood Obesity
  16. The rising role of social media in US electorial campaigns: Twitting from Barack Obama to Donald Trump

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