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TEFL assignment 1

  • Vocabulary teaching table
  • Vocabulary matching activity
  • Comprehension questions
  • Teacher language
  • Lesson plan

TEFL assignment 2

  • Material ( budget worksheet)
  • Material ( instructions for planning a vacation budget)
  • Material ( dictionary quiz)
  • Essay
  • Activities
  • Authentic reading package
  • Evaluation

TEFL assignment 3

  • PPP grammar
  • Teacher language
  • Material word card game
  • Material gap-fill memo
  • Materials gap-fill activity
  • Board plan
  • Lesson plan

The levels of TEFL with subjects and time

  • Level 3 TEFL courses
  • Combined level 5 TEFL course abroad
  • 120-hour TEFL course online
  • 180-hour TEFL course online
  • 300-hour TEFL course online
  • 250-hour diploma
  • 20-hour classroom TEFL course
  • 168-hour online level 5 TEFL course
  • 30-hour English grammar
  • 199-hour level 5 TEFL course
  • 198-hour level 5 TEFL course
  • 20-hour TEFL course on the weekend
  • 30-hour TEFL course on a weekday
  • 140-hour Premier TEFL course
  • 150-hour Premier TEFL course
  • 10-hour telephone teaching
  • 10-hour teaching large classes
  • 20-hour online video observation
  • 30-hour teaching business English
  • 30-hour teaching young learners
  • 40-hour teaching English online

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